Elasco UG5140 Cable Protector, 5 Channels, 1.38″ Channel with Glow

Elasco UG5140-GLOW Ultra Guard Cable Protector, Button Down Lid, 5 Channels, 1.38″ Channel, 36″ x 20″ x 1.75″ – with Glow Strip

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Proudly Made in the USA Proudly Made in the USA

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ELASGLOW Collection: Elasco Heavy Duty Five Channel Cable Guard offering 1.38 inches in channel width with Glow in the Dark Feature.

View the UG5140 Technical Drawing

Elasco now offers the most visible glow in the dark cable protectors in the industry. In addition to our high quality urethane protectors, we have incorporated the highest grade of strontium aluminate which requires only 10 seconds of UV exposure to fully charge and will maintain its visibility throughout the night. Requiring no maintenance, batteries or electricity, these glow protectors are ideal for providing additional visibility when needed in dark conditions.


Elasco Cable Guards are constructed with a solid cast polyurethane base and lid that are connected by a reinforced fiberglass rod that won’t rust or corrode. Our products hold up against natural and man-made elements and are compliant with safety requirements. With easy transportation and simple installation, our products can be configured to meet your needs. Backed by a lifetime warranty and offering premium material characteristics, our products are all Made in USA. We provide a basic solution to a basic problem. Whether it be pedestrian or vehicle traffic we help maneuver from one side of cables to the other side while keeping your cables absolutely safe. No matter the weight of your cargo, we will help you get to your destination in a safe and efficient manner.”
GLOW DISCLAIMER: Glow is measured in milli-candella’s. The human eye, when dark adapted which takes most humans between 15-45 minutes, can see in the dark 3.7 milli-candella’s. Under the correct circumstances of pure darkness, our glow material can be seen up to 40 hours when the human eye has been dark adapted. Ideally, when viewing the glow material, your eyes should be dark adapted which means one has not been in the sun or other light source – this will keep one’s eyes from adapting between dark and light. If your eyes adjust from light to dark or there is light pollution present, the material will not look as enhances until one’s eyes re-adapt.

Additional information
Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 1.75 in
Cable Protector Color

Blue Orange

Channel Height

1.25 inches

Channel Width

1.38 inches

Overall Height

1.75 inches

Overall Length

36 inches

Load Capacity

20,000 lbs per tire

Number of Channels


Special Properties

Glow in the Dark


24 pounds

Overall Width

20 inches

Please email info@cableprotectorworks.com for quotes on bulk corporate and government orders or freight quotes on large items.

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