Photoluminescent Aluminum Glow EXIT signs

PHOTO-LUMINESCENT GLOW IN THE DARK EXIT SIGNS & FIRE EMERGENCY SIGNS is the industry source for high quality glow in the dark EXIT signs including:

We are authorized distributors of Elasco Products that are made in the USA.

All our signs are made from top grade Aluminum and have a 10 year warranty. They are built to last forever and deliver a code-compliant glow when needed. EXIT signs are available in a variety of colors of Red, Green, Gray and Silver and are designed to be visible from 50 feet, 75 feet and 100 feet. EXIT Signs can be single or double sided, and can be mounted on a surface, or mounted like a flag or mounted on the ceiling. All our signs are rated, code compliant non-electrical Exit Signs.

Our sales team is on hand to learn about your project and recommend the perfect products to get the job done. Our warehouse is stocked and all items are generally ready to ship the same day. Contact us at for assistance.

How to Choose an EXIT Sign

  • Lifespan - Our Signs are designed to outlast your building
  • Viewing distance
  • Cost - our signs are non-electric meaning they require no cables or running costs 
  • Maintenance - Our signs do not need batteries nor do they need any form of maintenance
  • Regulations - Our signs are code-compliant
  • Installation - Our signs are the simplest of all to install as they are non-electric and non-mechanical

Praise for Aluminum EXIT Signs

Aluminum Non-Electric Photoluminescent EXIT Signs are the gold standard. 

  • Zero maintenance
  • Lowest installation cost
  • Lowest overall cost with no wiring or power required
  • Very long lifespan, expected over 25 years.
  • Zero disposal fees
  • No running costs of electricity
  • Failsafe in an emergency

How Do Photoluminescent Exit Signs Work?

Photoluminescent exit signs do not require AC or electrical power. There is no battery or on/off switch. They require 54 lux or 5 foot candles of mercury vapor, metal halide, fluorescent lighting, and LED Lighting to charge them in which makes them illuminate. The term 54 lux or 5 foot candles is the required minimum amount of light to charge to insure a proper charge. The average office building has no problem meeting this requirement. In this charging process photons are excited and then brought back to a lower state. The photons then will be absorbed by a substance via electromagnetic radiation, which will take these to a high energy state and then moved to a state of lower energy. The photoluminescent exit sign will be fully charged in 60 minutes. They stay at there peak illuminate for a minium of 90 minutes however it can takes about 16-96 hours in darkness to fully discharge. Available in 50', 75' and industry leading 100' viewing distance