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WHEEL CHOCKS FOR CAMPERS, RVS, TRUCKS, CARS is the industry source for high quality urethane products including:

We are authorized distributors of Elasco Products that are made in the USA.

Our wheel chocks are great for recreational, commercial or aviation use.

The 6 Inch wheel chocks are available in one, two and four sets, where pairs are joined by rope for easy use. We manufacture these 6 inch chocks in black, yellow, red and orange and are ideal for camping, RVs, trailers, boats and caravans. The 7 Inch Wheel Chocks range is aimed at heavier vehicles such as light trucks. Our Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks are solid urethane and are suitable for the heaviest applications including construction and mining. The aircraft wheel chocks are available in three widths and in high visibility colors of yellow and orange. What sets our aircraft chocks apart is the safety aspect of having both a  silver reflector but also a glow in the dark strip to prevent accidents. 

Our sales team is on hand to learn about your project and recommend the perfect products to get the job done. Our warehouse is stocked and all items are generally ready to ship the same day. Contact us at for assistance.

How to Choose a Wheel Chock

  • Measure the size of your wheel. Wheel Chocks should be about 1/4 of the height of the tire. Choose the correct Wheel chock size here. 
  • Consider the gradient of the terrain and if necessary purchase a larger chock than for flat ground
  • Consider the weight of the vehicle. Our chocks are all heavy duty because polyurethane is strong. But we offer various sizes and strengths.
  • Always use chocks on firm ground. Beware of wet or icy or unstable conditions. 
  • Consider the number of chocks required whether you want to chock all wheel or only the front wheels, and whether you want to chock both sides of the wheel.
  • For Aircraft or wide tires consider using a specialized aircraft wheel chock.

Praise for Polyurethane Chocks

Polyurethane has overtaken rubber in popularity for wheel chocks, and the reasons speak for themselves:

  • Polyurethane weighs 75% less than rubber
  • Polyurethane can be made in High Visibility Colors to increase safety
  • Polyurethane holds up really well under use and abuse
  • Polyurethane has a higher load bearing capacity than rubber
  • Polyurethane has great oil, chemical, fuel and lubricant resistance
  • Polyurethane has high cut and tear resistance
  • Polyurethane has a higher abrasion point than rubber
  • Polyurethane stable so it can be used indoors or outside
  • It has a broad range of hardness, which means it can be used in a greater variety of applications than rubber
  • Rubber rots and degrades over time. Polyurethane handles the elements better over time.
  • Plastic cracks and is sensitive to high pressure and temperature.
  • Metal solutions weigh more, are difficult to handle, create noise and are not corrosion resistant.
  • Polyurethane will outperform plastic, rubber and metal every time!

How to Use our Urethane Wheel Chocks?

  • Always ensure the chock is centered and squared with the tire.
  • Position the chock snuggly against the tire tread.
  • Always use wheel chocks in pairs.
  • Wheel chocks must be positioned downhill and below the vehicle’s center of gravity.
  • On a downhill grade, position the chocks in front of the front wheels.
  • On an uphill grade, position the chocks behind the rear wheels.
  • On a level grade, position the chocks on the front and back of a single wheel.