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Elasco Mighty Guard MG2200-W Cable Protectors & Cable Ramps

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CABLE PROTECTORS, HOSE BRIDGES, CABLE RAMPS, ADA RAMPS, WHEEL CHOCKS, ALUMINUM EXIT SIGNS is the industry source for high quality urethane products including:

We are authorized distributors of Elasco Products that are made in the USA.

Elasco Products Cable Protectors can be grouped into following product lines.

  • Light Duty - Lite Guard Series - Elasco Lite Guard cable protectors come in size of 1 3/8" or smaller. They are smaller in size and weight but still designed for huge load bearing strength. These cable protectors are commonly used for vehicle or pedestrian traffic. One of the unique features of the Lite Guard and Mighty Guard Cable Protectors is that the lid seals into the base of the product, this prevents the lid from curling up and creating a trip hazard.
  • Heavy Duty - Ultra Guard Series and Mighty Guard Series - Elasco Heavy Duty Mighty Guard Cable Protectors come in sizes of 2" or greater. The Heavy Duty Ultra Guard Cable Protectors come in five and seven channels and can withstand up to 20,000 lbs of pressure per tire. They are also the only cable protectors in the industry that come with the push button lid that when closed remains securely shut. Both Mighty Guard and Ultra Guard Cable Protectors are now also available in ADA compliant ramps.
  • DropOvers and Hose Bridges - Elasco Dropovers come in four sizes with standard colors of either red or black. The channel width varies from 1.5 inches to 7.5 inches to handle different quantities of cables. 
  • Extreme Duty - Xtreme Guard Series - Elasco Xtreme Duty Cable Protectors designed to withstand load bearing of between 300 - 500 tons for large mining trucks, and heavy construction vehicles. These items are commonly used as Fracking Ramps, Oil Field Ramps, Crossover Ramps and Industrial Ramps.

Whether your application is in construction, demolition, mining, audio-visual and events or any other, we carry a complete range of Cable Protectors, Cable Ramps, Cable Raceways for all cable thicknesses. Our cable protectors range from a single channel in a drop over configuration to 7 channels of varying channel widths. All cable protectors feature an interlocking system to create a cable path of any length. Most cable protectors are 36 inches in length and can be joined to form the length you need.

Cable Protectors are known by many names such as Fracking Ramps, Crossover Ramps, Heavy Duty Ramps, Industrial Ramps, Industrial Hose Bridges, Oil Field Hose Ramps, Pipe Crossovers and more. We probably have what you want but maybe use a different name. Please email us on if you can't find what you are looking for.

Our sales team is on hand to learn about your project and recommend the perfect products to get the job done. Our warehouse is stocked and all items are generally ready to ship the same day. Contact us at for assistance.

How to Choose a Cable Ramp

Advantages of Polyurethane Cable Protectors

Polyurethane has overtaken rubber in popularity for commercial cable ramps, and the reasons speak for themselves:

  • Polyurethane weighs 75% less than rubber
  • It holds up really well under use and abuse
  • It has a higher load bearing capacity than rubber
  • It has great oil, chemical, fuel and lubricant resistance
  • It is UV stable so it can be used indoors or outside
  • It has a broad range of hardness, which means it can be used in a greater variety of applications than rubber
  • Metal solutions weigh more, are difficult to handle, create noise and are not corrosion resistant.
  • Polyurethane will outperform plastic, rubber and metal every time!

How to Choose an EXIT Sign

  • What viewing distance is required? 50ft, 75ft, or 100ft?
  • What color is required? Choose from Silver, Red, Black, Green or Gray
  • Does the sign need to be Single or Double Sided?
  • Will the sign be mounted flat on a wall, flag / pole mount or ceiling mounted?
  • What color frame is required? Silver, Black, White, Gray?
  • How many signs do you need?
  • Choose Aluminum signs over cheap plastic. Our signs will last forever. 
  • Choose a Made in the USA brand like Elasco Products

Advantages of Non-Electric Glow EXIT Signs

Aluminum Non-Electric Photoluminescent EXIT Signs are the gold standard. 

  • Zero maintenance
  • Lowest installation cost
  • Lowest overall cost with no wiring or power required
  • Very long lifespan, expected over 25 years.
  • Zero disposal fees
  • No running costs of electricity
  • Failsafe in an emergency

How to Choose a Wheel Chock

  • How large are the wheels? What is the diameter?
  • Do you need a specific weight rating or load capacity?
  • What type of wheel do you need to chock? Truck/Vehicle or Aircraft?
  • How many chocks do you need? How many wheels are there?
  • Do you need hi-visibility colors?
  • Material must be polyurethane, Never Plastic or rubber
  • Choose a Made in the USA brand like Elasco Products

Advantages of Urethane Wheel Chocks

Urethane Wheel Chocks outperform Plastic and Rubber

  • Physically Stronger - higher load capability
  • Withstands long periods of sunshine and the elements
  • No odor like rubber and plastic
  • Life span exceeds 25 years
  • High Visibility Colors of Yellow and Orange increase safety 
  • Cost effective vs. metal chocks

Why Do We Cover Cords and Cables?

By covering your cables, you are not only protecting your valuable power, telephone, ethernet and other lines from getting damaged when equipment drives over them, you are also ensuring that employees, visitors and pedestrians won't be as likely to injure themselves. Each cable cover system we sell has a non-slip textured design to improve footing and traction, and most come in high-visibility yellow or orange. Our cable ramps are easy to set up and maintain, while our discount prices are more than worth it to have fewer injuries and potential liability claims.

Our sales team is on hand to learn about your project and recommend the perfect products to get the job done. Our warehouse is stocked and all items are generally ready to ship the same day. Contact us at for assistance.