Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Floor Cover

A Safe and Neat Way to Hide Your Electric Vehicle/Tesla Charging Cable

Charging your Tesla or Electric Vehicle in Your Driveway creates risk and hazards. The charging cable can be tripped over and can be dangerous.

Our charging cable cover creates a 1″ channel to place the charging cable into that will keep your driveway neat, tidy and safe.

The LG1100 cable protector is made from ultra durable urethane (it’s not plastic nor rubber) and can be left outdoors in full sun for years. It will outlast your vehicle and the charging cable. 

The charging cable will lie inside the cable protector channel and will be completely protected from sunshine making it last longer. 

Each unit is 3ft long with interlocking ends that can be joined to create any length.

The unit is easy to see as the top strip is colored in high visibility international orange. 

Urethane is very strong and can be driven over thousands of times. There is no reason to remove it once it has been installed. 


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